In order to become licensed as a Texas title insurance agent (or add a county to an existing license) the Texas Department of Insurance requires, for each county, a copy of the fully executed title plant subscription agreement and an Abstract Plant Information form. The Department uses the Abstract Plant Information form, a copy of which can be downloaded below, to determine if the title plant (what the Department calls an “abstract plant”) complies with the Department’s definition for a title plant, as set forth in Procedural Rule 12 (“P-12”).

Title Data pre-fills for its customers that portion of the Abstract Plant Information form which describes the title plant, including current plant date. All Title Data’s customer has to do, before submitting the form to the Texas Department of Insurance, is add the name and address of the title agency to the top of the form, sign the form and, after Title Data’s title plant has been inspected by the title agent’s underwriter, have the underwriter sign the form.

To request a partially-completed Abstract Plant Information form, please e-mail Title Data. The form will normally be furnished to a customer, by e-mail, within a few hours.

Abstract Plant Information Form