Title Data only maintains traditional “thick” (or “fat”) title plants, where we do our best to ensure that recorded documents with a missing, incomplete or incorrect legal description are indexed to the correct parcel in the geographic portion of our title plants.  When researching where to post such documents we can make an error, as determining the correct legal description may require a judgment call by one of our experienced locators.

While we sincerely regret all errors we make, we correct a misposting as soon as it’s brought to our attention.  Therefore we encourage our customers, on those hopefully rare occasions that they find an error, to let us know – the easiest way to report an error is from the search results screen while you are signed onto TIMS®. Click on the specific plant record you wish to report and select 'Display Document Details'. Click on the Report Posting Error button in the bottom right corner, fill in the form, and click Submit. You can also email Customer Support (, download and complete a Title Plant Error Report, or call us at (713)880-2600.

Title Plant Error Report